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i'm the type of person that becomes easily inspired by the people around me and the people that i'm exposed to. i take what i see and like in people and try to infuse those qualities in myself. that's quite possibly why i'm such a mixed nut. however, i'm not normally the person that inspires other people.

that's why it touches me so much when somebody tells me that i've inspired them. to me, that has got to be one of the most touching compliments in the world. i mean, it's like saying that whatever it is that i did that inspired them, was good enough that they were prompted to do something similar themselves.

wow. that's really powerful.

there's lots of people that inspire me. many of which are on the side right there under 'linked'. a lot of them are people that have made me think "wow. i want to be like that". people that make me feel the need to become a better person.

i wonder if it's weird. ^^* probably , huh... but i don't care! :P


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Posted by Kim @ 02:09 PM PST

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